Handcrafted homeware that lasts.

Our mission is to offer you timeless, quality and unique homeware and kitchenware products made by skilled craftsmen from Japan and Europe.

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We offer free UK delivery and affordable International delivery options wrapped in a beautiful, eco-friendly packaging.

Handcrafted Things That Last

We stand against fast, disposable fashion. We want to make a difference by offering everlasting, high quality homeware and kitchenware inspired by Japanese lifestyle.

45-Day Returns

Changed your mind? No problem. We offer stress-free 45 day return options to give you a comfort of choice.

We don’t do seasonal collections

We think less is more. More space. More time. More peace of mind. That’s why we offer essentials only made by skilled craftsmen from Japan and Europe. Pieces handcrafted with love with years (and often centuries) of experience passed through generations. Japana Home is a lifestyle brand that celebrates Japanese craftsmanship, nature, design and aesthetics. The Eternal Beauty.


Recent Arrivals

Japanese kitchen knives

This is where our history started and these knives are something we’ll always be a huge advocate of. We believe many memories and most quality time with the family and friends is spent in the kitchen. Where cooking is a pleasure.

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