30x30cm Goose Feather-Filled Luxury Cushion Pad


Processing time 1-2 weeks.

The first grade down pillow is made entirely of natural components. Filled with white goose down, thoroughly cleaned. During down treatment, dirt and microbes are removed, making the product friendly even to the most sensitive organisms. Good quality down guarantees effective insulation properties by facilitating the absorption and removal of moisture from the body during sleep. The combination of traditional technology with modern solutions creates unique quality.

The cushion cover is 100% densely woven cotton from very good quality, strong yarn. Waxed from below prevents the filling from getting outside, which guarantees long-lasting and comfortable use. Extremely durable cotton “breathes” and creates a kind of thermal cover around the body. The pillow is finished with a trimming, which is a decorative element and additionally seals its edges. The use of the highest quality materials guarantees long life and durability of the pillow.

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Why goose feather is better than duck feather? 

When selecting a feather & down product, it is important to note that there is a significant warmth difference between goose down and duck down. Geese are larger birds than ducks and generally have bigger down clusters. Their filaments are therefore able to trap more air and provide more insulation.

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