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Aomori Hiba Kitchen Cutting Board – Wasabi x Japana

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Aomori Hiba is one of the best materials for cutting boards and has a long-lasting rich, refreshing wooden smell which will fill your home with a sense of being surrounded by nature. Its right harness and excellent blade contact will help you protect your knives.

The board comes in a white neat minimalist box with a golden stamp of originality 
Available in three sizes: small (38x 20.5 x 3cm), medium (42 × 23.5 × 3 cm), large (48 × 23.5 × 3 cm)
The larger board can double as a beautiful serving platter

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Product Description

About the Aomori Hiba cutting board

Although often overlooked, the cutting board is perhaps the most essential (after knives) tool in your kitchen for meal prep. Our cutting boards are made of Japanese Aomori Hiba trees which have excellent characteristics, they are light, anti-bacterial, anti-allergic, ultra-lightweight, and anti-stain, making it a great material for cutting boards. They are durable and have a distinct fragrance similar to pine. 

We want you to enjoy our products for a long time, so Wasabi x Japana products are made with such a heart and spirit. Our finishing is basically non-coating because we would like you to enjoy the original refreshing smell, warm touch, beautiful grain of natural wood with your five senses. This way, you can enjoy changes of textures over the years, which is one of the good old Japanese senses.

Once you open a box, you will smell the rich refreshing wooden aroma, which is a trait of Aomori Hiba’s long-lasting natural sense. Since we really would like you to enjoy the aroma, we gently wrapped it by Japanese wrapping foil. It keeps the aroma inside but never disturbs the wood breathing. That is Wasabi’s packaging secret. The board comes in a white neat minimalist box with a golden stamp of originality. It works well for an official gift. All boards carry Japanese signature of Wasabi x Japana.


There are three kinds of woods known as Three Japanese Precious Woods called Aomori Hiba, Kiso Hinoki and Akita Sugi that we use in our materials. They are known for their superior quality and sturdiness and have been used to build shines, temples and traditional reception rooms.

Aomori Hiba includes more of Hinokitiol, an ingredient that kills more bacteria than any other wood. It contains anti-bacterial and anti-mold properties. In addition to the effect, hinokitiol has an odour eliminating any ammonia smells.

This is why cutting boards made of Aomori Hiba have a long established good reputation and are widely present in Japanese homes. They are used by Japanese professional chefs as superior quality boards.

It allows you to cut food more comfortably with less slippery on the board. This wood is also better for your knife’s edge, which means the sharpness of your kitchen knives lasts longer and is hygienic. 


Our cutting boards are made of solid natural wood and we never use glue to stick them or chemical coating for protection purposes. Because every single piece is made by craftsmen with delicate care, we cannot produce on a large scale, however, we always check the quality by ourselves under the strict inspection criteria for you, our important customers.

Aomori Hiba grows up slowly and firmly in a harsh natural environment, the craftsmen we work with process it very carefully paying it respect. You can feel the craftsman’s soul when you see it’s finishing surface.

Additional Information

Weight1.1 kg
Dimensions42 × 23.5 × 3 cm

Large, Medium, Small

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4 reviews for Aomori Hiba Kitchen Cutting Board – Wasabi x Japana

  1. Jessica Tracey

    I stumbled upon the article about The Tree Of Life – Aomori Hiba native to Japan, which has antibacterial and anti-allergic qualities and slowly was getting interested in buying a cutting board made of such wood. The quality and craftsmanship are superb. Cutting on this thing is a dream, and I do find myself grabbing it at home most of the time, leaving all our olive wooden boards to dust. This board feels great on my knives, smells wonderful (but doesn’t transfer anything to the food, is absolutely beautiful, and judging from the feeling I so far had, it should last a long, long time.

    Consider do not treat it until odor is gone. Solid yet not heavy wood – not harsh to blade. The slim shape made it easy to keep chopped stuffs and chopping area. Do buy the rubber feet – must have. Missing groove did not bother me as I originally worried. Compare with the Konosuke at half the price, I feel they are same return over investment. It did not curl after months – some times less of care due to young kids.

  2. Mark Purzycki

    Beautiful cutting board which moves all the senses (smells beautiful – woody and looks amazing!). I have been wetting this down before use and have not noticed any stains. Very soft and feels gentle on my knife edges. I would enjoy a larger size (I got medium one), but hey – Christmas is coming and I deserve to spoil myself 🙂

  3. Maria Gracia Lopez

    What a superb cutting board. I love it. I have mix of German and Japanese knives that my hubby chose and I cut my veggies and meat on this board. The knives seem to prefer wood surfaces than plastic. It has this beautiful woody smell but it doesn’t get transferred onto food. I wash the board every time after use so the bacteria doesn’t stick to the board, but I’ve also been told that it’s anti-bacterial so it’s a double win. Overall I am very happy with paying a little more for the quality and origin (These boards are well made, quite heavy so I can imagine it costs a lot to import them from Japan).

  4. Jenn S

    Superb! My knives love it!
    And the smell! My house should smell of those cutting boards all the time. I wish there were essential oils sold along with the board!

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