Nambu Tekki Cast Iron Pan One Hand Ø14cm


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When designing this pan, master Makoto Koizumi took as an aim to reduce the iron weight to perfect the balance. This one handed pan makes it easy to toast and grill variaty of food with ease. Its 0.5l capacity is ideal for a one person dish, served piping hot. Iron is firmly heat storage, and cooking in a moment not escape the taste of food difficult surface temperature of the food is lowered. Iron castings are produced for a long time in Iwate Prefecture is the southern part ironware. Such as iron kettle and tea utensils made to inherit the traditional approach has attracted attention in the mycorrhiza, it is also made practical cookware in a new approach. To form an oxide coating on the inside of the kettle protect from rust technique of “metallic taste to stop” is a southern ironware origin.

Made in Japan.

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Dimensions24.3 × 15.3 × 5 cm



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