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Our cutting boards are made by skilled craftsmen in Niigata region, Japan.
There are three kinds of wood well known as Three Japanese Precious Woods” called Aomori HibaKiso Hinoki and Akita Sugi that we use in our materials. They have been used to build shines, temples and traditional reception rooms because they are known for their superior quality and sturdiness. We would like you to enjoy our products for a long time, as Wasabi x Japana products are made with such a heart and spirit. Our finishing is basically non-coating because we would like you to enjoy original refreshing smell, warm touch, beautiful grain of natural wood with your five sense. This way, you can enjoy changes of textures over the years, which is one of a good old Japanese sense.

Sizes: small (38x 20.5 x 3cm), medium (42 × 23.5 × 3 cm), large (48 × 23.5 × 3 cm).

Made in Niigata, Japan.

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Antibacterial natural wood 

Hinoki is a Japanese cypress that is light, durable and has a distinct fragrance similar to pine. Popular with sushi chefs and within people who value hygienic and natural wood products, hinoki cutting boards will not dull knives due to the medium-soft firmness of the wood, yet are highly resistant to water and bacteria.

That is why cutting boards made of hinoki have been getting good reputations for a long time and they are widely present in Japanese homes and used by Japanese professional chefs used as superior quality boards.

You can cut foods more comfortable with less slippery on the board. In addition to that, this wood is better for your cutting edge, which means the sharpness of your kitchen knives lasts longer and hygienic. Hinoki, along with Aomori Hiba are one of the best materials for cutting boards and has a long lasting rich, refreshing wooden smell which will fill your home with sense of being surrounded by nature.

Our cutting boards are handmade with delicate care.

Our cutting boards are made of solid natural wood and we never use glue to stick them and no chemical coating for protection purpose, either. Because every single piece is made by craftsman with delicate care,we cannot produce on a large scale, however, we always check the quality by ourselves under the strict inspection criteria for our important customers.

Hinoki is a slow-growing tree which grows to 35 m tall with a trunk up to 1 m in diameter. It’s firmly using a very long time in a harsh natural environment and the craftsmen we work with process it very carefully paying respects to the nature. You can feel the craftsman’s soul when you see it’s finishing of surface.

Our cutting boards made of high quality Japanese wood Aomori Hiba are also used as a gift and it always satisfies everyone who received. It is a perfect gift for many occasions: housewarming, wedding gift, mother’s, father’s day or simply – to serve you well in your home.

Once you open a box, you will smell rich refreshing wooden aroma, which is a trait of Aomori Hiba long-lasting natural sense. Since we really would like you to enjoy the aroma, we gently wrapped it by Japanese Washi paper. It keeps the aroma inside but never disturb the wood breathing. That is Wasabi’s packaging secret. The premium box works well for an official gift. All boards carry Japanese signature of Wasabi x Japana.

Made in Niigata, Japan.

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Weight1.1 kg
Dimensions42 × 23.5 × 3 cm

Large, Medium



Japana, Wasabi

1 review for Hinoki Kitchen Cutting Board – Wasabi x Japana

  1. Tim Rutberg

    I only wish I knew about hinoki and aomori hiba cutting boards earlier! I got one large aomori hiba and one medium size hinoki cutting boards and they are just a-ma-zing! I love the size and thickness of them, and it smells like pure lemongrass, I hope that smell never fades. I followed the instructions and rinsed before use and dried. Both woods are super light – colored make board (my hinoki doesn’t have this pink hint as you see on the photos, and actually it looks nicer in reality!). It has yet to warp at all, but I have been good about cleaning it immediately and towel drying. It’s noticeably softer wood than most cutting boards I’ve used in the past, which I can only assume is going to improve the life of the knife sharpness that I strive for.

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