Ishida Japanese Chopsticks Ebony with Pearl Satin Finish


These premium Japanese chopsticks are a great example of craftsmanship perfected to last. They are perfect for a Japanese themed meal.

They are also a good choice for an unique and stylish gift for a genuine Japan lover. Due to their length we recommend them to men especially.

Designed in Japan

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There are many beautiful and preserved craft techniques in Japan that have withstood the erosion of time and even remain precious traditions today. The Japanese Chopsticks Ebony Pearl Satin Finish are a great example of craftsmanship perfected to last. They are nothing like you’ve ever seen before.

Ishida Japanese craftsmen designed these incomparable Japanese chopsticks as part of tradition lasting more than 85 years. These craftsmen committed to create exquisite pieces consequently continuing the tradition of Wakasa lacquer paint work.

The Best Authentic Japanese Chopsticks

These premium Japanese chopsticks enhance the atmosphere of the dining place and as a result help make food taste more delicious. They are highly Japanese and hence perfect for a Japanese themed meal whether you have guests or not.

wakasa nuri chopsticks
Japanese craftsman cutting the shape.

Japanese craftsmen used world-wide known Urushi lacquer to coat the Ebony chopsticks making them one of a kind.

Designed in Japan

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Approx. 23cm






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