Chef's Knives


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If you’d like to amp up your cooking skills, with more enjoyment making meals, having a few good knives on hand is essential. If you’re looking to invest in one but a good quality knife, then you should be looking at chef’s knife (Gyuto). Some say, that a chef’s knife is the home cook’s equivalent of a Swiss Army knife. In the end it should be ready and willing to perform any task given it. A chef’s knife, or cook’s knife, is a large bladed tool used in a variety of food preparation techniques. It was originally designed for disjointing large cuts, the long, tall blade was needed to handle the torque required to slice through tough cartilage and connective tissue. Nowadays, thanks to its unique design adjusted to today’s needs, it has become very popular as more of a general purpose knife and serves a variety of functions. One of your primary interactions with a chef’s knife is determined by the shape of the edge (as viewed from that angle).  If you don’t fight the knife, will go a long way towards controlling how you use the knife and how it feels in your hand as you work.  If you do fight the knife and try to work it in a way which doesn’t suit it, that will determine how it feels as well. The better your grip and knife skills, the more sensitive you’re going to be the knife.