Yanagiba | Sushi Knife

The Yanagiba Knife, a masterpiece of Japanese culinary tradition, is esteemed for its precision and specialized design. Rooted in the art of sushi and sashimi preparation, the Yanagiba, or “willow blade,” seamlessly blends functionality with aesthetic beauty.

The Yanagiba Knife presents a long, thin blade, usually measuring between 240-330mm, marked by a distinct single-bevel edge — a characteristic feature of traditional Japanese knives. This design enables remarkably thin slicing, critical for preserving the texture and flavor of delicate ingredients such as raw fish. Its sleek, streamlined form reduces drag, ensuring clean, precise cuts, making the Yanagiba Knife a crucial tool for dishes that require a high degree of precision.

The blade is often crafted from high-carbon stainless steel, offering superior sharpness and durable edge retention. The handle, typically made of wood, is ergonomically designed for a balanced, comfortable grip. The Yanagiba Knife showcases Japan’s skill in blending practicality with aesthetics, with each unique piece adorned with stunning patterns and textures.

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