The Best Way To Store Your Knives & Metal Tools Safely

You finally took the plunge and invested in a good knife — or … maybe a few good knives. Either way, you’ve spent good money and your blades deserve a storage place that will keep their edges pristine for as long as possible. If you have small children, you also want to make sure that these sharp as razor knives are out of the reach. Here’s what not to do, and three ways to do it right.

Do no try it at home (or any other place)

Putting your knives in a drawer along with other kitchen tools and cutlery is a really bad idea. Not only is it a fast pass to the emergency room should you grab the knife end of a blade when you are going for the ice cream scoop, but sliding against other metal objects damages a knife, causing it to become dull more quickly or even causing nicks and notches that will eventually need to be repaired. Even the best sharpening service won’t help then.

The best way to store your knives

Although there are a plethora of knife storage options, from high-tech to high-style, at a variety of price points, ultimately the best tools ever invented are magnetic racks and blocks.

japana magnetic knife holder
Japana Magnetic Rack made with high grade walnut wood and super strong neodymium magnets is the ideal way to store your knives safely and securely.

Not only it allows you to store the knives safely, but it also comes in handy when you don’t have much of drawer space at your disposal. In a small kitchen a wall-mounted magnetic strip takes advantage of underused spots; if you have the luxury of space, a dedicated knife block will keep the knives firm tight.

At the end of the day, though, whichever you choose, storing knives comes down to two things: storing them firm and safe (especially when children are around). The sharp edges should not never touch the storage piece when being inserted or removed, and you should never store a knife so that it is resting on that pointed edge. That’s why solutions with magnets are doing such a great job.

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