What is Yasugi steel and what makes it so great?

Yoshihiro Yamawaki Kurouchi Nakiri 165mm Yasugi Steel

Originally Yasugi or Yasuki steel was made from the steel produced from sand iron at a plant in Yasugi city in Shimane perfecture. Tartara steel is also made there. The plant is now owned by Hitachi which produces a wide range of steels.
Yasuki steel can be yellow, white or blue. Because it is Japanese made, it is considered nihontetsu 日本鉄. You can bet the grades of Yasuki steel used by better makers. Yasugi white and blue are really high class and some used by Tasai which is listed as near to Aogami Blue Steel quality. The only exception is Yasugi yellow – this is a cheap steel of lower quality, hence great Japanese blacksmiths do not use it in production (you may find some in Pakistani or Chinese counterfeit versions of Japanese knives).

yasugi city steel produced
Yasugi is a native steel produced in Japan which makes a patriotic Japanese chefs more than happy to buy knives with Yasugi steel. We are lucky to offer few Yasugi steel knives of great Yoshihiro blacksmith.

This is Yoshihiro Yamawaki Kurouchi Nakiri 165mm Yasugi Steel (blue)one of our bestsellers.

Yoshihiro Yamawaki Kurouchi Nakiri 165mm Yasugi Steel



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