King KW-65 1000/6000 Japanese Sharpening Stone

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  • Handcrafted in Europe/Japan. One of a kind.
  • Free delivery for orders above £70 in the UK and £200 internationally.
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Key features:

  • Restore a dull edge to a sharp one and put a mirror polish on the back and bevel
  • An excellent, cost effective way of owning a range of grits
  • Made up of abrasive particles held together in a soft bonding compound
  • Consists of aluminium oxide, carbide and nitride particles fused together
  • Soft bonding clay releases the abrasives very easily when the stone is soaked
  • Measures 207mm x 66mm x 36mm

Made in Japan


Available within 1-2 weeks.

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Product Description

King stones have earned a worldwide reputation. This is one of the most respectable sharpening stone manufacturer based in Matsunaga, Osaka in Japan. This sharpening stone features an average grit sharpening surface on one side, and a fine grit finishing surface on the flip side. This is the perfect stone combo for new or occasional freehand sharpeners.

This #1000/#6000 grit combination waterstone (whetstone) will restore a dull edge to a sharp one using the 1000 grit side. Put a mirror polish on the back and bevel of the blade using the 6000 side. Ideal for working blades that are dull and are not damaged. The two different grit sizes in one double sided stone make combination waterstones an excellent, cost effective way of owning a range of grits. Made from abrasive particles suspended in a bonding compound. The stone covers two consecutive stages in the sharpening process. Dimensions of the whetstone are 207 x 66 x 36mm.

Unlike other synthetic sharpening stones which consist of a single abrading agent, these Japanese water stones consist of aluminium oxide, carbide and nitride particles fused together. This blend is then mixed with a clay like bonder and baked at high temperatures to form the sharpening stone. The resultant stone is soft but sharpens very quickly. The soft bonding clay allows the abrasive particles to release very easily when the stone is soaked in water. This gives the user a constant supply of fresh cutting surfaces with which to grind, sharpen and hone their tools.

Man has been sharpening edge tools with stones for thousands of years. Until very recently, the stones used were mined or quarried in specific parts of the world where the local stone exhibited all the necessary qualities required of a good sharpening stone, including and most importantly a consistent grit size. With the introduction of new technologies, it was possible to create synthetic sharpening stones with specific grit sizes using a mixture of abrasive compounds suspended in a soft bonding material. As the supply of the premium quality natural stone has become depleted and almost exhausted, man made sharpening stones have have become more popular.

Now favoured by many professionals and sporadic users over the natural stones, when you purchase a synthetic Japanese sharpening stone you are guaranteed a stone with a uniform grit size that will produce consistent, high quality results when sharpening and will not vary in quality from stone to stone.

Designed in Japan

Technical Spec

Weight0.8 kg
Dimensions4 × 7 × 18 cm

Matsunaga King

7 reviews for King KW-65 1000/6000 Japanese Sharpening Stone

  1. Chef

    I have several other whetstones but this is my favorite. Although I am not a super expert, I have tried many sharpening stones within recent years, thus I really appreciate quality like this.

  2. Peter

    A brilliant stone! It does take practice with larger chef knives.

  3. Bryan Thomson

    It took a while to arrive, but despite that it’s a superb stone. Just used it to sharpen my Yoshihiro Gyuto and it worker well.

  4. Harri

    Great thing to have around the kitchen. This King whetstone is a must if you are serious about sharpening and getting the good edges.

  5. Maggie Bettina

    Quite good whetstone. I’ve used better ones, but still for this price it’s a good choice.

  6. Carrey

    YES! I have finally found the best stone in the UK. I first used those while on my apprenticeship in Japan. Love them to bits. Affordable and unbeatable.

  7. Jordan

    This whetstone is ok. It’s a bit hard to use. But for this price it’s ok.

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