Knife Sharpening and Repairing Service

Sharp knives are both safer and easier to use!

Even though all Japana knives will arrive to you sharp, like all knives, they will go dull after using them for a long amount of time. Knife sharpening is quite a skill. So, for those of you who prefer to leave it to professionals, here is our recommended sharpening and repair service. 

Please note that we do not get involved in the knife exchanges but simply recommend this company as a trusted provider. At this moment in time we are only collaborating with UK-based sharpening and repair services. We will establish connections with services in other countries in the near future. 

Togidai Sharpening Station

Togidai Sharpening Station provides exquisite knife sharpening, restoring and polishing services. 

All their work is done by hand. They use a wide variety of Japanese natural and synthetic stones, some carefully selected materials, and polishing compounds recipes borrowed from the Togishi, the Japanese traditional sword polisher. If needed, they also use inverter-connected belt sanders, and buffing wheels.

To keep up-to-date with this highly skilled profession, they are part of one of the most important groups of study in knife sharpening in Japan, and also part as a member of the oldest appreciation and preservation community of the nihonto – an authentic Japanese sword – in Europe, the To-Ken Society. They are one of the very few sharpening services in the world to be recognised as 1st class service providers by Hitohira’s World Sharpeners Union.

Togidai offers collection/ drop off services in London as well as postal service. All Japana customers get 10% off on sharpening services (repairs not included) and Sakai Kyuba owners also get a one-time complimentary sharpening.