Moritaka Gyuto / Sujihiki 210mm – 240mm Aogami #2 Kurouchi w/ Cherrywood Handle


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Moritaka Aogami #2 Gyuto Kurouchi with a Cherrywood handle is an incredibly well-balanced and a very light knife, but still it feels very good when holding it in hand. The appearance of the knife is beautiful due to Kurouchi finish and Cherrywood handle- it has an interesting but very comfortable shape. The blade remains sharp for a long period of time and maintenance is relatively easy. These knives are worth much more than what they are sold for, it’s an excellent value for money. We love both series of Moritaka knives and we are 100% sure that you will be amazed by the quality, sharpness and high performance of these carbon steel blades. Moritaka Hamono is both one of the most interesting and admirable companies you will ever find.

Designed in Japan


This beautiful Moritaka Gyuto 210mm-270mm Aogami #2 Kurouchi finish comes from Moritaka Hamono, a traditional knife making company that has history of over 700 years.

moritaka hamono family

During years of experience they have developed unique skills and knowledge, which have been passed from generation to generation. Moritaka’s unique bladesmithing techniques allow to produce knives that will keep fine edges longer than any other knife on the market. The Moritaka family is primary dedicated to producing a large variety of kitchen knives but also edge tools for gardening, agriculture and forestry.

We are extremely happy to be able to offer two top lines of Moritaka Hamono knives: Aogami super and Aogami #2 with Cherrywood handles.

Aogami Super Steel along with Aogami #2 are selected because of their extra durability and longer edge retention. The long-lasting handle is made out of seasoned Cherrywood. The important thing about Moritaka knives is fact that the carbon blade is forged to a stainless tang, which means that any moisture will not result in premature pitting or damage to the handle. This new design and patented solution ensures both longevity and hygiene of the knives.

Aogami Super Steel is the highest YSS (Yasugi Speciality Steel) that contains high percentages of carbon, chrome and tungsten to increase hardness, improving edge retention corrosion resistance with a RC Hardness of 64-65. Aogami Super Steel is prized for its ability to take a very steep, sharp edge.

Aogami #2 steel is made by adding chromium and tungsten to Shirogami (White steel, the purest of the carbon steels), which makes the material more durable and provides corrosion resistance and is mostly used for making high-grade kitchen knives and outdoor knives. Its HRC is approximately 60.
Both lines are made with 50/50 bevels on the edge.

Moritaka Gyuto 240mm Aogami #2 is a cheaper sister of Aogami Super, but does not reflect that in quality. In fact, you will be very pleased with its precision cutting and balance.

Please note, that each knife has slightly different appearance and size because the blade is hand-crafted and the handle is a natural wood.

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Designed in Japan

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