mutsumi hinoura kurouchi gyuto on white background
mutsumi hinoura kurouchi gyuto on white background
Mutsumi Hinoura Petty 135mm Shirogami Kurouchi Custom Japanese Knife
Mutsumi Hinoura Petty 135mm Shirogami Kurouchi Custom Japanese Knife
mutsumi hinoura petty detail kurouchi blue
mutsumi hinoura petty detail kurouchi japanese knife
mutsumi hinoura petty detail kurouchi handle
mutsumi hinoura kurochi petty in box

Mutsumi Hinoura Shirogami Kurouchi – Utility Knife 13.5cm – The Petty

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  • Handcrafted in Europe/Japan. One of a kind.
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Mutsumi Hinoura Petty 135mm with Shirogami #2 steel core and stainless cladding with Kurouchi finish. It is highly recommended for busy cooks and equally great as a home knife. Ideal for cutting vegetables and meat that are too small for a Chef’s knife.

– Blade set in beautiful stabilised premium-cut maple wood in octagonal shape
– Very responsive to sharpening stones

In stock. We ship within 48 hours.

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Product Description

About the petty

This Mutsumi Hinoura Petty knife is a small utility knife that is ideal for small, delicate work that a chef’s knife can’t handle such as delicate produce and herbs, small fruits and vegetables. The utility knife is most of the time treated as a mini chef’s knife. It is good for cutting vegetables and meat that are too small for a chef’s knife. It works perfectly for cutting soft as well as hard veggies, from tomatoes to squash. It is also very useful when you want to prepare lettuces, cabbage, and sandwich meat.

Petty knives are the most commonly used knives in most home kitchens. Its incomparable sharpness is used for smaller precision tasks such as peeling, trimming, and slicing small fruits and vegetables as well as for handling bigger tasks as a small chefs knife.

About the handle

The beautiful handles of this Mutsumi Hinoura Petty knife are made with extremely limited European Maple Burl dyed in a green and blue colour. The wood is dried for two years before it undergoes the process of stabilisation and colour dying. This ensures the wood is completely waterproof to avoid bacteria growth and is able to last generations. The stabilised premium-cut maple burl is cut into the octagonal shaped ambidextrous handle, giving you a firm grip on the knife.

Not only are the handles aesthetically pleasing, they are also light. This allows for maximum precision and more controlled movements during use. After all, maple wood is known for being a strong and durable wood with good resistance to decay. Overall, the knife is perfectly balanced and very light.


After years of handcrafting knives, the Hinoura family has developed unique skills and knowledge, which have been passed from generation to generation. Hinoura’s unique bladesmithing techniques allow producing knives that will keep fine edges longer than any other knife on the market.

Mutsumi Hinoura knives have good distal tapers and wide kiriba style bevels, and really wonderful heat treatments. He has a lot of experience with hunting and outdoor knives, and their kitchen knives carry some of the same qualities of toughness. This limited edition Mutsumi Hinoura Petty 135mm with Shirogami #2 steel core and stainless cladding with Kurouchi finish was built to last. 


The Hinoura family are a well-known Japanese family of blacksmiths that have been making knives for over 120 years. Mutsumi Hinoura has been training and working with his father, master smith Tsukasa Hinoura, since 2001, in Sanjo. Each knife is unique as it has slightly different appearance and size because the blade is handcrafted and the handle is a stabilised natural maple wood in shades of blue and green. 


Shirogami #2 is very responsive to sharpening stones, taking an extremely fine, biting edge easily. With the soft iron cladding, Hinoura-san’s shirogami knives are wonderful to thin as well. Shirogami and iron are both reactive, keep these dry when not in use to avoid rust. Please remember that the core is not stainless and should be dried after use (check our maintenance tips here). It will develop a dark patina with normal use, but any orange rust should be removed with a light abrasive or sharpening.

Like most equipment, this Mutsumi Hinoura Petty needs a little love and care. You need to sharpen them regularly and depending on the type of steel, dry them immediately after use. These are 3 general rules you should follow:

      1. Don’t put your knife in a dishwasher, ever.
      2. Store your knives either on the magnetic knife stripknife stand, or sheathed in the utensil drawer.
      3. Don’t slide your knife, blade down, across the cutting board to clear away what you just chopped.

Also, check our full guide on how to properly maintain the knife and sharpen it.

Technical Spec

Weight 0.3 kg
Dimensions 35 × 5 × 3 cm

Mutsumi Hinoura


Steel Type

Knife Handle Material

Blade Length

Knife Type

Handle Waterproof


1 review for Mutsumi Hinoura Shirogami Kurouchi – Utility Knife 13.5cm – The Petty

  1. Jorge Saule

    First, these girls sell a lot of great knives and other kitchenware. Secondly, they are pleasure to work with. I inadvertently order a knife that was larger than I want. When I emailed, they sent me the right one without waiting for the unwanted one to return. No questions asked. I just love the craftsmanship of this knife. The handle is already beautiful on its own but the blade … it just completes the masterpiece.

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