Nambu Tekki Cast Iron Teapot II by Makoto Koizumi



Nambu Tekki is a traditional Japanese ironware founded in the Iwate prefecture in Japan. The origin of the Nambu Tekki technique can be traced back to the Edo period (1803-1868). Nambu refers to the domain where the craft was established, where the feudal clan invited craftsmen from Kyoto to develop iron tea kettles. The Nambu Tekki craft thrived in cities like Mizusawa due to the wealth of natural resources available – including sand, iron, lacquer and clay.

Nambu Tekki ironware is renowned for its durability, heat retention and austere design. The iron is subject to various processes to prevent rusting, such as baking the ironware in charcoal to create an inner oxide film and further coating the surface with famous to Japan – urushi lacquer. The Nambu Tekki craft has officially been certified as a Traditional Craftwork of Japan and it continues to be revered for its enduring beauty and practicality. Today, a wide range of contemporary and induction compatible designs are available to suit the modern day kitchen.

This is a Cast Iron Teapot that is ideal for brewing Japanese green tea. When brewing tea in the Nambu Tekki teapot, the iron body improves the taste of water with more use, giving it a mild and mellow taste as it rids the water of chlorine. The cast iron teapot takes its shape from the chagama – a large tea kettle used in the Japanese tea ceremony, but this modern design comes with a protective enamel finish and a strainer. This prevents rust buildup and makes it easy to handle for everyday use. Another distinct charm of the Nambu Tekki cast iron teapot is its warm rounded form and dotted pattern – known as arare. This elaborate design serves to increase the surface area, allowing heat to retain evenly which makes it ideal for brewing teas. This signature feature of Nambu Tekki ironware is added one by one in miniature detail by the skilled craftsmen, so no teapot is ever the same.

Volume: 650ml

Teapot – Cast Iron
Inside Coating – Enamel
Strainer – Stainless Steel

Instructions for Care:
This is not a tea kettle (tetsubin), so please refrain from using the pot to boil water.
Before first use, rinse the inside of the kettle with lukewarm water.


Additional Information

Weight1.1 kg
Dimensions13.5 × 16 × 16 cm

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Makoto Koizumi

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