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We are in love with the Japanese craftsmanship and we hope you fell in love with our products too. They are the embodiment of Japanese aesthetics, flair and values – their commitment to quality and attention to detail.

Our co-founder, Kamila, started Japana when she was unable to find a quality, affordable Japanese knife for her boyfriend. After searching with no luck through multiple London shops and kanji-filled websites, she decided to go direct to the source and contacted a Japanese blacksmith who made her a custom-engraved knife.

It was an extremely beautiful gift and she wanted more people to be able to experience the joy of sharing it. So, in early 2016, together with her high school friend Anna they co-founded Japana. It wasn’t easy navigating the intricacies of different cultures and facing language barriers, but the love for craftsmanship prevailed. 


Our homes should be reflections of the journeys we take. Our personal spaces deserve designs with a soul, a story, and a purpose. That’s why we travel the world to develop our exclusive collections of home goods. Country by country, we partner with master artisans, combining their individual traditions into a unique minimalist style.

The results speak for themselves: fresh and exclusive designs of curated kitchenware for the perfect mix of functionality and flair.


We resist the temptations of modern times and say “no” to the trend of fast fashion. After all, when is the last time that cutting corners has actually worked?

Instead, we believe that truly great products take precision, time and passion. Combine those with the highest quality, locally sources materials and the results are breath-taking.

All Japana products are designed and made to last. We mean it when we say that we want our knives to serve you and your family for generations.


We do not use ready-made components and we do not mass-produce. We personally oversee the end-to-end crafting process.

First, we curate and select artisans who pride themselves on vigilance and respect for the craft that no machine can replicate. Each blade is then forged and hand-polished in Japan by master swordsmen using techniques perfected by their families over centuries. Finally, we sell directly to you online – with no middlemen ever touching the product.

Inspired by Japanese samurai

The name Japana isn’t random. We take inspiration from little known to the world Japanese Samurai women – Onna Bugeisha (which literally means Female Martial Artist). Their bravery and strength were the source for creating a brand for men and women who embrace their imperfections, making them their strengths. For us, Japana means a fearless, aesthetic Japan and we hope to inspire you to embrace your uniqueness.

We incorporated that spirit even in our logotype – this Japanese family crest (called kamon) from Edu period, once domain of Maruni Mitsu Jugami family, includes symbols of 3 geisha fans.

logotype japana london

That’s the entire “secret” to how we offer the highest quality products at affordable prices. No gimmicks, just pure love for what we do.

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Where East meets West, our contemporary brand draws inspiration from Japanese culture, effortlessly combining function with design.

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