Sanjo Diawood x Japana – Japanese Kitchen Scissors

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Made from the same top quality materials as our forged knives, our Japanese kitchen scissors have been carefully hand polished to eliminate the possibility of snagging things. They are sharp, well designed and hard wearing. And these scissors are handmade by skilled Japanese craftsmen from Sanjo (Niigata) and will last a lifetime. 

Made of stainless steel with coated handles
Size: 200mm length, Blades 70mm

In stock (can be backordered)

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Product Description

About these scissors

A really good pair of kitchen scissors are indispensable in the kitchen. We’re not talking about plastic handle things that fall apart when they look at a chicken carcass. We mean heavy all-metal Japanese beauties. Just count the times you reach for a pair of scissors in your kitchen to cut anything from herbs, to opening sachets, to cracking nuts with the handles.

Our first priority in finding the perfect pair of scissors was functionality at which these scissors excel. Made from the same top quality materials as our forged knives, our Japanese kitchen scissors have been carefully hand polished to eliminate the possibility of snagging things. 



These scissors come from the Sanjo, Niigata prefecture which is famous for blacksmiths specialising in extremely sharp, highest quality blades. Japanese kitchen scissors come very very sharp and stay that way and they will last a lifetime. Having said this, if you happen to have a bumper load of crabs to break down they will get blunt eventually. With this in mind, the blacksmith made sure that the scissors came apart and could be easily sharpened at home, with a whetstone or any easily available sharpening tool. These scissors are all-purpose which means they will perfectly fit for any home task.



Significant time and energy spent in perfecting the individual blades are needed to achieve this industry-leading sharpness. Made entirely by hand, this attention to detail is a critical part of the process. It takes over a week to craft and perfect a single pair of Japanese kitchen scissors.

Six steps must be completed to make a pair of scissors.

      1. The blade and scissor mold are made during the jigane/hagane-tsukuri (metal-making) stage.
      2. The blades are attached onto the mold during the hagane-tsuke (metal-attachment) stage.
      3. The blade is shaped during the shiage-uchi (finishing) stage.
      4. The curved handle is formed during the mage (bending) stage.
      5. The scissors are heated and cooled to harden during the yaki-ire (tempering) stage.
      6. The scissor blades are finally sharpened during the togi (sharpening) stage


japanese blacksmith forging steel

Technical Spec

Weight0.3 kg
Dimensions6 × 3 × 17 cm
Steel Type



4 reviews for Sanjo Diawood x Japana – Japanese Kitchen Scissors

  1. Roger Pattison

    I genuinely love these scissors they are shaper than anything what we had before. Also more aesthetically pleasing than the stuff you get from Amazon or Ikea.
    Seriously though, great quality, cuts threw just about anything I’ve tried so far. I use them in the kitchen like in my work (I work in the film industry) and I tend to come across a large array of random materials on a day to day basis. The serrated part of the blade is great for cutting rope and other round things. I have absolutely no complaints so far and hopefully it will stay this way.

  2. Michelle Teriss

    Great communication, beautiful packaging and even better product. I finally found the scissors that are durable, sharp and very nicely designed.

  3. Monica Roberts

    I have used these shears almost every day now for the past year, they have always been high quality with a good sharp edge. Thanks!

  4. Tommy Grosse

    These are definitely a few steps up from any kitchen/everyday scissors you might find at the home store or any other place that sells consumer-grade kitchenware products. Prior to these, I had been using an old pair of scissors purchased on Etsy that claimed to be pro grade. And there’s simply no comparison – the Sanjo scissors stand head and shoulders above my old scissors. I really like how ergonomic they are with the rest for you finger and the indents for your forefinger. They’re also super sharp, which gives an extremely precise cut. My wife loves them too.

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