Sakai Kyuba x Japana – The Knife Set: Chef’s, Veggie, Pairing

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Coveted for their beautiful and detailed design, as well as the cuts they produce. Under the Sakai Kyuba brand lies the artistry of one of the most famous blade masters in Sakai, Japan. By giving up his real name, we are able to give you a beautiful and refined in every detail premium knife set in an affordable price.

Sakai Kyuba x Japana kitchen knife set is designed for home cooks to intensify pleasure from cooking and the three knives: chef’s, vegetable and pairing knife are everything you need.

– Blades set in beautiful stabilised premium-cut maple wood available in green, blue and brown
– Includes a premium handcrafted, minimalist wooden box on hinges with hidden magnets
– Lifetime guarantee

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Each blade is made from premium, stainless Japanese Damascus 46-layer steel (VG10) for a super sharp performance. Each of the three professionally finished blades sits in an octagonal handle made of stabilised Italian maple wood. No handle pattern is the same, guaranteeing you a unique piece of craftsmanship. Sakai Kyuba ultimate set includes 3 knives, each perfectly balanced and weighted for optimal form and long-lasting performance:

  • Chef’s knife (Gyuto 210mm / 8.5in) – a versatile all-rounder slicing knife that no chef can live without;
  • Vegetable / fruit knife (Nakiri 160mm / 7in) – thin and sharp, perfect for chopping and dicing vegetables;
  • Utility knife (Petty 150mm / 5in) – extra nimble to tackle the smaller, more intricate chores like peeling or carving.


Nothing about Sakai Kyuba is left to chance. It has been designed, forged and rigorously tested to serve your family for generations. Made from the highest quality V10 46-layer Damascus hammered stainless steel – sturdier and sharper than anything you have experienced before. Set in a stabilised premium-cut maple wood available in green, blue and brown. Presented in a natural-coloured pinewood box for safe storage and keeping. Double bevel for both left and right-handed use. Backed by a lifetime guarantee.



Although inspired by 1000 years of tradition, each of the Sakai Kyuba blades is absolutely unique. Every single one has been meticulously handmade and perfected in Japan by Sakai’s  (堺市) master blacksmith. Forged with Damascus steel – legendary for its plasticity, hardness and distinctive patterns. Handle and blade satin-finished to a subtle, yet stunning lustre. Crafted, not manufactured.






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1 review for Sakai Kyuba x Japana – The Knife Set: Chef’s, Veggie, Pairing

  1. George

    Wow, just wow! I had my reservations about this set. It’s pretty expensive. But I did some digigng around. I even contacted the japanese blacksmith – Kamila, the owner of Japana – gave me.
    For genuine Japanses steel with georgeous stabilised wood handles that’s cheap! Thank you!

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