Signature Salt And Pepper Mill Grinder 8”


The Japana Signature pepper and salt mill will appeal to all lovers of minimalist style and natural beauty. Made of precious walnut wood, these pepper and salt mills will bring delicacy to your table and your kitchen.
Our pepper mill grinder and sea salt grinder set comprises of dark walnut wood, naturally creating that desired grain finish that makes this set so exquisite looking, a precious wood originating in southern countries. The colour and the natural presence of the knots in the wood gives it a unique and particularly warm appearance – no set is alike. On the table or in the kitchen, this pepper mill brings a touch of light and natural style and warmth. The grinding steel mechanism comes with a lifetime guarantee. Simply turn the knob on top of the mill to adjust the coarseness of the grind (the tighter the knob, the finer the grind). An instrument that will satisfy nature lovers and enthusiasts for the Japanese minimalist lifestyle.

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Product Description

The perfect addition to dinner

As anyone with a passion for cooking and great food can attest, presentation is just as important as the food itself. We spend a lot of time decorating the table with tablecloths, napkins, and tableware. Yet, we rarely consider how a beautiful set of salt and pepper shakers can influence the overall aesthetics. Ever envied those long sleek pepper mills they sprinkle your pizzas in Italian restaurants? Now you can bring that sophistication, convenience, and high-functionality to your home, making any meal or dinner party just a little bit more indulgent.

Fresh seasoning, everytime

Salt and pepper mills have an enormous advantage over traditional shakers because the salt crystals and pepper corn are ground on command, so you are getting the freshest seasoning available, ensuring better tasting food. The grinding mechanism is comprised of heavy-duty ceramic and stainless steel materials with a lifetime guarantee, giving you an optimal, smooth performance with no effort. 

So easy to maintain, you forget about it

Our large wooden mills require very little maintenance, so you can focus on more important things. Each 8″ tall refillable salt and pepper grinder set can house a significant amount of granules so you won’t be constantly refilling them. To fill your grinders, simply unscrew the metal top and remove the wood cover, then fill with your favourite sea, Himalayan, Celtic salt or black peppercorn. Clean by using a damp cloth or brush.

From love to craftsmanship 

Our pepper mill grinder and sea salt grinder set comprises of dark walnut wood, naturally creating that desired grain finish that makes this set so exquisite looking. Aside from its beauty, walnut wood is an ideal material due to its durability and being naturally water-resistant, which means it safeguards your salt and pepper from collecting moisture. Built with high-quality stainless steel and ceramic, these containers guarantee flawless performance for years to come.

The perfect gift set

These decorative salt and pepper mills perfectly blend elegant workmanship with high-performance, making the Japana salt and pepper dispensers a great gift for a special event or for that special someone.

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