Vintage Decorative Cushion Cover Japanese Silk w/Gold Embroidery – Tsuru Mini


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Bring vivid memories of Japan with this Japanese Obi (Kimono belt) woven vintage textile pillow. Obi belts are tied tightly to keep Kimono in place and arranged for the decoration. Make a statement in your living room with this beautiful, rare throw bolster cushion featuring Cranes (Tsuru) – believed to have lived for a thousand years and, according to folklore, inhabit the land of the immortals. As a result, they’ve come to symbolise longevity and good fortune. A pair of cranes represents a happy marriage. Finesse your sofa decor and add a vibrant addition of colour. Each kimono obi is unique hence there is no other cushion like this anywhere, making it a truly unique gift or treat.

  • Limited edition – only two ever made
  • 30cm x 30cm / 11.8″ x 11.8″
  • Handmade
  • Invisible zipper sawn at the bottom for easy clean
  • Luxury feather goose pad included (ethically sourced)
  • Cushion reverse made from vintage Obi silk – in pink

Aftercare: Professional dry cleaning recommended.

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Beautiful, rare throw decorative cushion made of vintage, precious silk kimono obis (used in Japan as kimono belts). This amazing vintage textile is up-cycled from a vintage Japanese wedding Kimono obi dating from the mid-Showa period (over 40 years old) and is in excellent condition. Gilt thread catches the light and the brocade and embroidery symbols tell the story of love.
The shiny silk really will catch attention of your visitors immediately. They are high quality made, with inside lining to protect the precious silk threads and piping to hide the seams and give stability. The cushions are made of precious, up-cycled vintage Japanese obi silk. We intentionally chose this sustainable fabric to give it a new life so you can enjoy it for years (and even generations, if taken care properly).

  • Decorate your room with this elegant exotic pieces.
  • Each of our cushion covers includes quality inside feather padding.
  • Professional cleaning recommended.
  • All our cushion covers are Limited Edition, so it would make a very unique rare gift.
  • Please feel free to contact us, if you have any questions.

Interesting facts about Kimono Obi

Kimono obi (帯, おび?, literally “sash”) is a sash for traditional Japanese dress, keikogi (uniforms for Japanese martial arts), and part of kimono outfits. They can also be seen as decorative wall hangings or have their fine material used to make varying accessories. There are many types of kimono obi, most worn by women. Obi range from 10cm to 30cm in width but can reach lengths of over 4m. A formal kimono obi can cost more than the entire outfit. All embroidery is made by hand and the more brocading the more formal the usage.

japanese obi kimono cushion cover

The vast majority of kimono obi produced in Japan today comes from a district in Kyoto known as Nishijin. Nishijin has been the centre of the Japanese textile industry since the 15th century. Nishijin is renowned for its brocade, twill and gauze production. In the late 1800’s, jacquard loom was introduced to replace draw loom. The high quality brocade produced by the Nishijin artisans is known as ‘nishiki’, which literally means ‘beautiful colour combination’. Nishiki is characterised by the lavish use of gold and silver threads to make patterns of flowers, birds and traditional geometric designs. Another style of kimono obi produced in Nishijin is ‘tsuzure’ or tapestry. Both brocade and tapestry obis are the most ornate and expensive of all obis.

japanese obi kimono cushion cover

Make a statement with this limited edition up-cycled Kimono cushion. Each cushion is fully over-locked and sewn with a concealed zip at the base for easy pad removal and cleaning. Filled with an ethically sourced, Polish-made, luxury quality feather pad. Each piece has a slightly different metallic base so each one is unique.

Extra: We’ve prepared you a guide to symbols in Japanese textiles which you can read here.

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Dimensions30 × 30 cm



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